Breitling Premier automatic mechanical White face steel 40mm


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breitling premier white

[Authentic mold opening] A limited number of authentic molds that are hard to find are used to open the mold, which truly achieves an unrecognizable effect. All components are disassembled and carefully compared to clone until perfect
[Extremely fake] All components of the whole watch can be perfectly interchanged with genuine products, and all parts are 1:1 replicas, with a size of 40×11.40

[Top material] Imported pot cover sapphire achieves a high degree of transparency, 316L stainless steel is perfectly polished by CNC technology, pure imported French cowhide achieves the same color, effect and texture as the original factory, and the cost of a piece of cowhide is equivalent to several times that of ordinary cowhide in the market , the buckle was re-opened and the logo was revised many times to achieve the same three-dimensional and polished effect as the original one. TNT has reached the top standard in many details, and many of them can be benchmarked.

[Reliable Movement] The custom-made ETA2824-2 movement with full-featured synchronous authenticity is adopted, and the Geneva pattern is engraved to achieve precision and stability

[Super quality control] TNT quality control All watches leave the factory with time difference and waterproof and dustproof QC, so that buyers and sellers can have peace of mind

[Super Luminous] The original Swiss super-intensive luminous display is not afraid of the dark night and does not miss any details. It is low-key and classy, and greatly reduces the embarrassment of collisions. , so that you can be calm in any occasion.

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Price $820 $680
Grade 1:1 Clone AAAA
Time Accuracy -5/+6 sec per day COSC certified -10/+10 sec per day COSC certified
Stainless Steel Type 316L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel
Crystal Sapphire crystal Sapphire crystal
Case Size 40mm 40mm
Logo & Markings Exact on entire watch 90% Exact on entire watch
Dial Exact detail and font 90% exact detail and font
Waterproof Tested up to 100m Tested up to 30m
Life expectancy Lifetime 3-5 years
Warranty Up to 5 Years Up to 3 Years

breitling premier white

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breitling premier whiteBreitling Premier automatic mechanical White face steel 40mm
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