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Q: Why do counterfeit watches cost hundreds to thousands of dollars?
There are hundreds of knockoff watch manufacturers. The same model will be produced by several manufacturers with major differences in workmanship, which are as below:

1: Difference in workmanship (Details matter. Those produced by less well-known manufacturers less resemble the genuine ones and are easy to be distinguished from them.)

2: Difference in raw materials (such as steel, gilded models, leather, mirror dial, luminous models, etc.)

3: Difference in the movement (home-made ordinary movement, Seagull movement, Japanese CITIZEN movement, Swiss movement)

4: Differences in skills of the assemblers as well as environmental and workmanship requirements, etc.

Those are the main differences, not all of them. Because there are many counterfeit manufacturers, it is up to them to decide what kind of counterfeit products they produce. As a distributor, rylanwatches will choose to cooperate with well-known manufacturers with guaranteed product quality, high reliability, and high similarity with genuine products to ensure the provision of first-class high-quality imitation watches. If you are a novice, it is recommended to spend more time comparing the details, so as not to use cheap and poorly made products.

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